Board of Directors

Glenda A. Smith is the founder and CEO of the Glenda A. Smith Youth Sanctuary,

Glenda A. Smith Youth Sanctuary, Inc. is a culmination of her personal, professional, and service experiences. Glenda  was raised by a single parent in public housing. I was a teen mother, but because of her faith, work ethic and charity. She has a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Glenda has four children. Her oldest child has a master’s in social work, her son is a Journeyman Electrician and member of IBEW Local 648, her third child graduated from Wellesley College with her bachelor’s and her fourth child is in her second year at Howard University.

In 2009 Glenda started a youth Bible study in Bond Hill, Ohio with the support of Zion Global Ministries which concluded in May 2017. With the help of volunteers, children we served the children weekly with meals, Bible study and socialization. It was very effective in reducing delinquency.

Smith is an attorney, licensed in Indiana and Ohio, who  began her juvenile justice career over 20 years ago as a guardian ad litem representing abused children. Afterwards, she represented parents and children, but not simultaneously. Currently, Smith challenges the juvenile justice system as it relates to the treatment of children.

Dean DiStasi, Owner of Gabby’s Cafe,

In 1958, DiStasi’s father was a founding member of the Campbell Lodge Boy’s Home. DiStasi, later took the helm. DiStasi is a long time restauranteur in Wyoming, Ohio.

Terrence Ivory, Pastor of World Changers Church Cincinnati, Co-President,

Terrence Ivory is Pastor of World Changers Church Cincinnati and provides the spiritual component to  the Glenda A. Smith Youth Sanctuary, along with Zion Global Ministries. 

Pedro Sanchez, Journeyman Electrician,

Pedro Sanchez, owns Sanchez Real Estate Holdings, and provides connections to young people and the trades.  Sanchez is another example of  how God can influence your life.

Howard Heffner, Former Homeless Person

Howard Heffner is a veteran that experiences challenges with mental health and homelessness periodically.

Student Advisor, Guhan Krishnan

Guhan Krishnan is entering his high school senior year and strong academically. He has served as Hamilton County Juvenile Youth Court Jury Forman for years. Guhan’s support is instrumental in Youth Enrichment Services.

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