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Youth Enrichment Services


Youth Enrichment Services mission is to enhance children’s ability to reason and have positive outcomes thereby eliminating interaction with the Ohio Juvenile Justice System. We will do this by providing following services four hours a day/5 days a week for 46 weeks: Mental Health Assessment Occupational Assessment, Transportation to and from, Meals, Academic Tutoring, Mentorship, Directional plan, Employment Opportunities and Field Trips for children ages 8-21. There is no other organization, in our area, providing this variety of resources, at one location,  to children in a personal, organized and consistent way.

Youth Enrichment Services is for all children at risk of delinquent behavior. However, in 2018 30.3 percent of youth were Black in Hamilton County Ohio yet 81 percent of the warrants issued by HCJC were issued to Black children. City Beat, Nick Swartsell, September 18, 2019. Seventy-five (75) percent of the children admitted to the Hamilton Juvenile Court Detention Center are black. City Beat, Nick Swartsell, September 18, 2019

The average state cost for the secure confinement of a child is now $588 per day, or $214,620 per year, a 44 percent increase from 2014. These cost figures over a six-year period represent the growing economic impact of incarcerating youth. However, the long-term impact of these policies extends well beyond the fiscal cost. Extensive research reveals that secure youth incarceration increases the likelihood of recidivism and harms educational attainment, lifetime wages, and future health outcomes for children.

All state level data sources are available online at

Youth Enrichment Services cost less than $12,000 per child/per year as opposed to $214,620 per child/per year to house in secure confinement.

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