Youth Residential Complex

Glenda A. Smith Youth Sanctuary is raising money to build a youth residential complex. We will target homeless youth and it will not be a detention center. It will be built on church property in the greater Cincinnati area.

In many ways, it will model Campbell Lodge Boys Home that was located in Northern Kentucky. It closed in 2012. Campbell Lodge was built on church and community partnerships.

It is our desire to give homeless children the same opportunities as other children. That is, to build character and maximize each child’s potential.

Our hope is that you will partner with Glenda A. Smith Youth Sanctuary to achieve this lofty goal.

Published by Glenda A. Smith

Glenda has been practicing law since 1992. She is licensed in Indiana and Ohio. Glenda is a graduate of Indiana University at Indianapolis. She has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Masters of Public Affairs and Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Glenda is particularly interested in the protection of civil rights; without civil rights we cease to be a civilization. Glenda is currently admitted to practice in Indiana and Ohio State Courts, the Ohio Southern District Court and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. She predominately works in the Ohio Southern District Court. She writes appellate briefs for the Sixth Circuit and Ohio First and Second Appellate Districts. She has been successful in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Glenda has also been successful in the Indiana Court of Appeals. She wrote a Writ of Certiorari and rehearing to the United States Supreme Court regarding the jury selection process in Ohio. The Writ of Certiorari and rehearing was denied. However, the Ohio jury selection process will be challenged again. The more it is challenged, the more likely the issue will be heard by the United States Supreme Court. Glenda is a trustee of the Lawyers Club. For years, she has provided pro bono (free) legal services to citizens via the Hamilton County Legal Aid Society Volunteer Lawyers Project. Glenda is in many organizations and a member of Zion Global Ministries, West Chester, Ohio. She is an evangelist and in 2009 started a youth Bible study in Bond Hill, Ohio which concluded in May 2017. Glenda periodically is a co-host with host, Senovia Byndon, on 88.3 FM, “I Hear You”, voice for youth, the civil rights and homeless segment.

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